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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Jamielu, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Jamielu

    Jamielu New Member

    Quick question. We've just bought a new 2009 Silverado 3500 Z71 and want to put different tires on it for hunting season. The tires that we want to put on it are slightly larger (mud grips) than the stock tires that are on it now, and the front tire pressure would be different, therefore setting off the alarm on the pressure monitoring system. Is there any fix for this? Can the pressure monitors be adjusted? We are on a spare right now (blow out last weekend), and are getting the warning on the guages because the pressure is lower on it. Really don't want to have to drive around with that warning on the guage cluster if we put on different tires.

    Also, has anyone had any problems with clearance in the wheel wells when putting on 285s?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Z71_guy

    Z71_guy Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    i believe as long as the difference between the front and rear is the same as stock than you should be fine, stock 60-80 i believe, so if you do 50-70 you should be fine i think
  3. chevychic

    chevychic New Member

    Depends on the range of the tire pressure monitor. I have a 1500 that came with stock tires that had 35psi max. I upgraded to some awesome Mickey Thompson ATZs and they take up to 80 psi. My warning came in at 45psi. Dealership said they could re-program but would run $100-200. I run my new tires around 70psi and just deal with the warning.
  4. donl

    donl Rockstar 100 Posts

    Why would you run around with 70 psi in your tires in a 1/2 ton pickup?
  5. chevychic

    chevychic New Member

    70psi for my 1500 Silverado

    Run at 70psi if towing or hauling heavy load in the bed, otherwise run at 57-60psi which is the recommended normal operating pressure for these tires for optimal wear.
  6. s5belford

    s5belford Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    $100-$200 for the reprogram! ouch!!!
  7. Shooter

    Shooter Rockstar 100 Posts

    You can get a new set of monitors from the tire rack for $35 each and I believe that have different pressure levels. Once the monitor sends a low air signal to the computer the light comes on.
    I "believe" that IF the tire monitors are of a different pressure level they will not trigger the alarm on the truck. You can find out for sure at thetirerack.com
    Good luck to you.
  8. bill410

    bill410 New Member

    you gota use the tps sensors u can getum on e-bay for 69$ a set .. just went through this when i put 22's on my 09 truck ? hope this helps??

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