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  1. Ok i have a 2005 1500 z71 seirra. Im going to need tires soon whats are there are the stock bridgestone dueler a/t P265/70/R17 they held up well 40K but id like to get something with alittle more rubber and maybe a more aggressive tred but at the same time I dont want to kill my gas mileage. anyone recommend aything? Id like something pretty hard so they last. pics of tirers on trucks are cool too if you have em.

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    :sign0016:to the site and Happy Thanksgiving.....I had on a set of Toyo Open Country's on my truck a few year's back,and I was Very pleased with them and I got 42K miles out of them.I now have a set on my son's truck and he's really like's them.They are a nice riding tire,they are very good in wet road Condition's.

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    I'll toss in a vote for the Wrangler MT/R's Kevlar. Aggressive (noisy) tread. Bulletproof so far. No flats yet! I punish my tires off-road. So if you're mostly on the pavement you might want something less aggressive.
  4. yea, im mostly on road but would like something for when om out hunting offroad. what I have on there now preformed finee offroad just want some more rubber around those wheels wish I didnt have 17's If anyone has some 15 ill trade for them!

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