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    I have 97 suburban with 265/75/16s when I look at the track width it looks like I could go with a little wider rims with the same tires.not sure how wide the stock rims are. could I go with a wider rim with those same tires and get a more beefy look? do I need different offset,or just wider? could I go 9 inches wide or 8,or 10 ?dont know please give me some input thanx sorry just noticed there is a whole section of tire rim help.newbie at this site
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    My '03 has 16"x6.5" wheels. The stock tire size was 245/75/16. I was told I could go to 265/75/16 without any problems but 285s should be mounted on a 7.5" wheel and have more offset or they would rub at full lock.

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