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Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by W1T3OUT918, Oct 23, 2012.

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    So i have been looking at sum new tread designs and have been really going towards the Nitto Trail Grapplers since i already am sporting the Nitto Terra Grapplers. But the Wrangler MTR'S are looking really good on sum of the other trucks down here, as well as rugged lookingness. its jus the terra grapplers are like ice skates in silty clay type mud and doesnt grab as well as sum of the other tread patterns.
    always of course looking at price wise and how well the tire drives out,,i hear maxxis makes sum good ones but i dont want sumthing to cheap...:neutral:any help or knowledge much appreciated...oh and im tryin to get sumthing in the 285/70/r18 or jus sumthing bigger than my originals
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    I'm running trail graps and am very happy with them. They're halfway between an AT and a MT ... and are, thus, a bit louder than an AT but not as loud as a MT at highway speeds. Similarly, since they're more aggressive than an AT I don't expect the same mileage out of them as I would an AT. However, they should yield more miles than a MT.

    I've had them about a year and I rotate them every oil change. So far there's no cupping. If wear continues as it has, thus far, I expect somewhere between 40 and 50k miles out of them (probably closer to the lower end of that).

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