Tire Sizes??

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by kstoneman, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. kstoneman

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    New to the club....and already my first question...

    I have a new 2009 Chevy Silverado 4x4 Z71 with stock 18x8 inch rims and am getting ready to put a 2.25" leveling kit on it with an added inch in the back to keep the rear up a little as well as adding a 1.5" body lift, what is the largest tire I will be able to fit on the truck when the lift is done without cutting anything....I am hoping for a 35"....what does everyone think?

  2. Shorty 71

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    Welcome to the forum! I have an 08 silverado with a 2.25 inch readylift leveling kit and i believe a 33 inch tire is as tall as you can go. I have 33x12.50x18 toyo mts and they rub alittle only when i crank the wheel all the way over.
  3. canislupis69

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    Welcome to the site. I have 35's and can tell you that you need at least a six inch lift for 35's to clear and even then you need to make sure you get the proper backspacing/offset rims.
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    Hi, and welcome to the site!:glasses:
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    Tire Size

    Thanks for the information and welcome!

    One thought on having 35s with the leveling and 1.5" body lift....I am sticking with the stock RIM 18x8 and would be putting 285 75 18s on them....think that makes any difference?

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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to the site!

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