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  1. leska44

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    hey just looking for some info on what size of tires i can put on my truck....i have a 2003 silverado 4x4 and want to put 35" tires on it but need to know how much of a lift i will need or how much of a lift i need for 32" or 33" tires..pics would be great too...thanx

  2. retired2001

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    Welcome to the site! The OEM size for my '04 265R70X17 is aprox. 32" so I'd say to put 35's on you would probably need to go with at least a 3" lift. From what I've seen on this site, most folks go with aprox. 6" to go to 37's. Maybe only 4" for 37's but I'm sure you'll get some good info'. Good luck!
  3. leska44

    leska44 New Member

    thanx for the info..the stock rubber i have on right now is 265/75/R16....i talked to the guy selling the rims and he said the sizes are.....32"x12.50x15......32"x11.50x15.....35"x14.5x15... when i talked to him he said that my truck might not accept a 15" inch rim, is there any truth to that?
  4. silveradotrailblazer

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    tires size

    33s will require a 4inchlift, 35s a six inch lift. 15inch diameter wheels will not fit over your year trucks front brakes. A narrow 32 will fit with a level kit and on your stock rims.
  5. TRPLXL2

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    I had a 2005 1500HD Z-71 4x4, and it had a Pro Comp 6" suspension lift and 35x12.50x17" tires. The back there was plenty of room, but the front was about two fingers width from the front valance. I had an aftermarket PIAA bumper/Tahoe bumper, and I think it was shorter than the factory valance which hangs down lower. Here's a picture, I tried to find a better side shot but couldn't find one.

  6. ghuev

    ghuev New Member

    You can run up to a 33 without much trimming and no lift. To go 35 inch you either need trim or add a lift. Otherwise it will hit at the front bumer and back of the front fender. I guess you could run cut-out flares.
  7. worth

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    if you put ford keys to level the front out and 3" blocks in the rear you can clear 35 12.50 on the stock rims. I am clearing 35 12.50 16 BFG all-terrian with just keys and i have an after market bumper that comes back further than the stock bumper, I only had to cut off about 2 square inches of the inside of my bumper. There is only minimual rubbing when i turn the tires all the way but thats only when I am flexing

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