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    i have a 2008 1500 ltz with a 2" leveling kit in front and airbags in the rear. it came with 20" wheels and 275/55-20 tires. I wanna put 18x9 wheels and 295/65-18 tires on. im really confused on backspacing and offset. i would like to widen over stock, but not so much as there is major trimming needed. Any help would be great.


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    I can't help you with backspacing, but the comparison of the tire sizes are as follows: The 18's will be 1.2" taller, tread width will be virtually the same at .2" wider and sectional width (widest portion of tire) will be .5" wider. So, there is not much diff except for height. To check potential clearance issue, take a look at your current tires, and add 1/2 in any direction where they may be clearance issues (approximately 1/2 of the total diameter difference). If you currently have more than 1" clearance at all possible contact points, you should still be good to go with the new tires/wheels if the backspacing is the same. Most good tire shops will mount a tire and wheel to check for clearance if they know you are serious about buying if they clear. good luck

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