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    Hey everyone -- I've got a long list and am going to post it here. Any and all advice is very appreciated.

    I'm driving a 2004 Silverado which I've had since October. Love the truck itself, but I feel as if it's got a lot of issues. Here's what's up:

    • Upon starting to drive the truck, I felt as if the left side took bumps and cracks in the road far better than the right side. What I mean by that is that I feel the right side was about as soft as a pillow and sluggish to recover from any bumps in the road, and the left side was tight and took bumps like a champ.
      • To try to accommodate this, I installed new shocks in the front and adjusted the torsion bar to compensate for what I felt.
        • This has had no effect on how bumps/cracks in the road feel in the cab. The right side still feels soft; the left, still tight. I'm at a loss.
          • I would consider putting in a new torsion bar if anyone thinks that could be the cause of this. However, that's $600 minimum, and not really money I can spend all -that- freely -- though if it fixed this problem, it'd be totally worth it to me.
    • I also noticed shortly after starting to drive the truck that the bed was either twisted or the frame of the truck itself twisted.
      • I know this because if I look at the body lines along the side of the truck (horiztonal; just underneath the gas tank), I see that the LEFT side's line don't match up between the cab and the bed, but the right side's body lines do. Therefore, the entire bed is crooked in some way or another.
        • This would be worth fixing to me simply because I'm anal-retentive and I care about this kind of thing. It's what pickup drivers do best! :)
    There are other issues, but those issues can be resolved relatively simply. I am planning on ditching this truck (auction or otherwise) if I can't find a way to fix these things...but if anyone thinks there's any hope, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
  2. ChevyFan

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    What's the history of the truck? Was it wrecked previously and repaired? That would help explain for a lot. You could take it into a friendly auto repair shop and see if they can tell if the frame is straight or not and give you an estimate on that. You could try CarFax or something similar to see if a reported accident is on the history of the vehicle.
  3. 95CTburb19

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    Well for the record those body lines rarely line up exactly the same on both sides. As for you ride quality issue I don't know that getting new torsion bars would help it. Whats the load rating/ # of plies of your tires? Maybe some new rubber could make a world of difference. :neutral:
  4. tbplus10

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    Sounds like the truck might have been abused at one time.
    Heres some recomendations to help find the problems.
    Check all the tires for proper inflation and visible wear.
    Get under it and check the front and rear undercairrage for obvious damage, bends, flaking paint (especially around welds), and dents.
    Park it on flat level ground and measure the body at key points to the ground, compare measurements from side to side.
    Measure frame and suspension components to the ground and compare these also.
    Measure the bed box from left front corner to right rear corner and vice versa, compare these measurements.
    Check the suspension components and bushings/mount points for excessive wear.
    Have a frame shop put it on the rack and check the frame measurements (including rear alignment).

    As pointed out body panels rarely mate perfectly on an assembly line truck, if it was a massaged show vehicle then they would certainly be expected to.

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