Tires for 95 1/2 ton.

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    Good day all.

    I just noticed one of my front tires is about to wear thru. This was all due to front end problems over a year ago; all repaired but the front tires are shot. One about to pop actually. I currently have Firestone LT235/75R15 Destination LEs and I was quite happy with those tires but money is quite different than when I bought them. I also lost the fellow band dad connection at the Firestone shop!

    Can I get by with passenger tires on the front as long as I keep LT tires on the back? I do occasionally tow a 5th wheel but rarely, and I will tow other trailers occasionally.

    I have the same Firestone's on the back and they still look great.


    As long as I'm asking, Reebok quit making my favorite shoe after 30 years, so I will be going back to boots. Any particular favorites?
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    a tire shop guy will probably tell you not to go with passenger type
    tires due to the load rating needed for your front end of the truck.
    Your front of your truck could weigh as much as 3500 lbs., and that is
    almost the same weight as a mid-sized passenger car!!!.
    as I say...the tire guys will tell you exactly what you want to know.
    My reply is based on past personal experiences and learning from
    the tire shop guys.....Brian

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