Tires for my AWD ! What do you like?

Discussion in 'Chevy Express Forum (GMC Savana)' started by endneu913, Dec 24, 2010.

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    What vehicle do you have?

    I bought a new 2010 GMC Savana AWD. I took those POS General Ameritracs gm puts on new vehicles off immediately before they blew out and put on some new wheels and real tires the BFG T/A KO's. The vehicle drives and handles beautifully with these tire. Oh yeah I kept stock size 245/70/17 with a 17X8 wheel. The vehicle rides great straight and true. So the combo is a good one. I had it out in the snow last week and it chewed right through it.
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    I want your van ^ : )

    Ive got a 05 express cargo AWD, The wheels i ordered are 16x7 ( same as the stock 05 wheel) I was thinking about going 8" wide, but im trying to keep all my choices in line with a fun/economical balance. I figure more width= more rubber= more weight to turn, worse mileage. I will be doing some seattle to LA trips, so as much as i want a custom lift and swampers, I gotta keep my mind ( and van) grounded. Although I do think I will go up one size from the stock 245/70 to the taller 245/75 ( its a full inch taller, so ill get a 1/2 lift overall) And the new wheel has a different offset, so it will widen the stance considerably, while keeping close to stock sizing. A bit of "slight of hand" here. lol.

    Everyone i talk to loves the BFGs you mentioned. They are for sure tried and true! But when i compared price and weight, the BFGs are 44lbs per on the stock size, where the Firestones are a full ten pounds lighter at 34lbs per. Also, $32 bucks cheaper for the Firestone, so $128 for all for.

    Again, im sure my autoX minded history is over thinking all of this, but im glad to use all the facts and opinions to make sure im happy with the outcome. The one advantage i can *see* to the BFGs is that they look beefy!
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    BFG T/A KOs are nice.I'm going with them on my Rado in a few months.
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    I like the BFG A/Ts but those are the only tires I have owned (4 sets over 2 vehicles). Since I've been extremely happy with them, I have not had a reason to look at any others when it came time to buy new tires.
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    Are the Firestones passenger tires or LT tires? A lot of All Terrain tires come in a LT rated tire OR a passenger rated tire. Make sure you know what you are buying. That would account for the weight difference. AND I would not worry about a heavier E rated tire or 1"wider tire, it will not impact mpg's. Especially for this vehicle An e rated tire is better in my opinion for these vans as they are heavy. But I wouldn't like a passenger tire on any truck, van, pickup.

    also you should evaluate your driving. Are you driving offroad a lot? ARe you driving wash board roads, gravel roads, dirt roads, through snow? etc.
    If you aren't then a passenger tire may be enough. Personally I would go with the LT tire for this vehicle no matter which you choose.
    Someone above made a comment about 90%+ of driving is highway. That is true for most folks, It is for me and most folks but when it isn't then you NEED that good AT tire. So I like a good tire that will do both highway and offroad when I need it so I don't get stuck or blow a sidewall.

    Me I am driving offroad and some sketchy dirt roads that are rutted out and when they are dry have 6" of powder dirt on them. When that dust gets wet it is easy to get stuck with an inferior AT tire. Then they get covered with snow and half melt so I NEED a high performance off road tire. Personally I would go with the LT tire for this vehicle no matter which you choose.

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    Me too, I was looking at the Michelin AT LTX, Bridgestone Duelers 2, Toyo Open Country, And The Goodyear Silent Armour wranglers. I didn't know about the duratrac. I just ended up sticking with the BFG's. I am so happy I did. This vehicle/tires ride so sweet and smooth. I got the 42" slider windows put in down in fresno and on the way home I found myself getting heavy on the pedal as traffic was flying 75/80+. I caught myself at 90. It felt like 50. The van/tires rode so smooth and straight even at that high speed with no vibration. Crazy smooth ride.

    The Goodyear Duratrac looks like a winner. I just don't like all that crap on the top of the sidewall, those triangular things above the lettering ...too much for me.
    I like the tread pattern though. DuraTrac

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    Will I be ok with going with a 4 ply tire, given I will never load the van up with any real weight? Or should I go with a 6 ply?

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    Get the BFG T/A KO's.


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