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Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by SupplySgt, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. SupplySgt

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    Finally got my truck back on the road so I'm back over here after quite a long haitus. Next thing on the to do list (before my TPI conversion) is tires. Replacing everything, including the spare. So I thought I'd ask over here what everyone's recommendations are.

    It's a 93 Suburban 1500, 2WD, planning to upgrade it to 2500 specs (with the exception of the transmission) at some point. I use it mainly as my daily driver, but it will need to at least be able to go off road from time to time for two reasons: 1) I like to fish and hunt, and some of my fishing holes and hunting spots are off the beaten path. 2) I'm a member of the local ARES and I need the truck to be ready for a potential disaster scenario so I need it to be able to go off road in case debris is blocking the road during an emergency response situation. Don't think it'll play a huge role but there will be some extra weight due to the radio equipment as well as my medical equipment (received medical training from the Army so I've acquired everything I think I might ever need) that will always stay in the truck.

    So any help y'all can give me is greatly appreciated in advance.

  2. Z71_guy

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  3. SupplySgt

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    Just out of curiosity, did it affect fuel mileage at all? Those do seem to be very good tires though for my purposes. Good on road characteristics in addition to the snow/off road traction looks really good.
  4. Z71_guy

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    with the silent armors i didnt notice any drop in mileage. i even came from a street tire to those
  5. marko54

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    This post caught my eye. I took my Duratracs off last month and sold them. Great tires, excellent for deep snow but the tread was alittle too agressive for a Suburban in my daily use. I'm a big fan of goodyear tires. I also went with the Goodyear Silent Armor tires. I went with the Pro-Grade for the higher load cap. The only downfall is they are Pricey. Even the goodyear sales poeple will say that but they are worth it. They are without a doubt the quitest tire i have owned, great in snow, ice and rain and i picked up almost 3/4 per mile a gallon better fuel milage with them. I have never bought tires for the fancy or trendy name and never had issues with Goodyear.

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