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    Here goes my first question. I am going to be doing a Ready Lift 2.25 inch Leveling Kit. I then want to add some bigger tires and wheels. I am not decided at all on wheels but I want Nitto Terra Grapplers. The Motto Metal M0951 in black have really caught my eye. I found a package that comes with NITTO 325/60/18 TERRA GRAPPLER for around 2200. According to the size calculator that is 33.3 inches tall and 12.8 inches wide. Will that fit on my truck with the leveling kit? Also, what are your opinions on the wheels? If anyone has them, could you post some pictures? I really like the black on white look. Thanks in advance guys.

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  2. Shorty 71

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    I have the 2.25 inch readylift on my 08 silverado 4x4 and am running 33x12.5x18. They rub alittle just on one side but no big deal. If i have to trim some i will but i havent done it yet. I think your set up will work but it's gonna rub alittle when you crank the wheel. Just have to get use to it and don't put yourself in tight turning situatiions.
  3. Stealth

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    when you get it done i would love to see some pics, and welcome to the cub
  4. tandk04

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    I will definetely post some pics of the truck when I put the goodies on. Might be a little while because the ARMY took me away from my truck.
  5. Stealth

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    thank you for your service, and may God get you back home in one piece so you can enjoy your truck.
  6. JennaBear

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    As long as your offset and backspacing are good, you should be just fine.
  7. Stealth

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    what does that have to do with Germany?:lol:

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