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  1. right now i have 31/10.5/15 on my 2wd 98 yukon. i wanna get a lil bit beefier stance, so i did a comparison and thier about the same as a 265/75/15, what size tire would i be able to run with out rubbing issues, especially for turning, would i be able to fit a 295 tires all around or no?and if i went that size how big should the sidewall be, 60 series or what, i want the beefy look
  2. this is what they look like now

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    I'm interested in doing the same thing on my Suburban. By the way, how do you like them Michelin LTX M/S tires. I love mine, nice and smooth ride, but at 150 a tire mounted, it hurts to put them on. I have yet to change my tires, but I need to b/c my existing tires are dry-rotting from not being driven enough. :grrrrrr: Oh well, I'm going to find me some RV tire covers to put on the truck when I put my new tires on to protect them. But, if I can stick bigger tires on the truck with the stock rims, I just may.
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    I have a 95 2500 Suburban, stock suspension and the largest tire that fit the front end radius was a 265. I wanted to swap out the tires on my 86, but they would not fit, the front fender radius was too narrow.

    Just my experience.
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    I put some 285/75/16's on my 99 4wd Suburban and had no rubbing issues at all. Not sure if the 2wd's would be the same though.

  6. yea this was my brothers truck and the tires have been on for about 5 years now, showing some dry rot around the edge of the tread so im starting to browse for tires to get in the fall, if i can im looking into the 275/60sr15 firestone firehawk indy 500 tires, they look very nice and have very nice ratings, im pretty sure they will fit cuz my 31/10.5 tires and equivalent to 265/75/15's
  7. with my wheel at full lock i still dont rub so i think i might be able to go bigger not sure
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    Blast from the past time.

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