to help all those with new body silverados with extended cab

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    ok i figured i should post this because it took me a few months to find out the correct information on this, had some problems with my speakers after buying my silvy returned it to the dealership they fixed it, noticed about a month later that my inside rear door handle didnt work, something with the linkage, also noticed the other side rear window button wasn't getting any power. i got an estimate for the repairs 300+ the only reason i couldnt fix it is because i couldnt remove the door panel because there was a special flat screw type of deal holding the plastic handle to the door. for all those having this issue in order to remove the door handle to take off the panel use a small screw driver like a flat Eye glass screwdriver wedge it up on the side of that flat screw looking thing at the bottom of the door handle and pry downward, the bolt is on a spring you only need to pull it down about a 1/4 inch then the handle should slide off, i spent so much time trying to figure it out. hope this helps someone else
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    Thanks! Good info.

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