To re-build or not to re build

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    I just had the 350 re-built after 300k last week in my 89 suburban , but I started noticing that after the motor got done the truck stays in 1st gear for a while and under acceleration as it shifts theres a nice clunk that comes from the trans, but if you let off the gas right before it shifts theres no hard shift. I tow my race car about 120 miles round trip and make the trip once a week. theres quite a few steep hills, I was debating having it re-built anyways but is there really a need? It is a good wrench transmission installed in 2001 but I have lost track of the miles. I got quoted at 1600 to have it re-built with all the heavy duty gears, bands, etc.. Since the motor has 500 miles on it I figure why not get the trans done as well.
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    Service the transmission and put a new filter in it. It sounds like you have a little dirt in your servo and it is sticking.
    The servo is on the passenger outside of the transmission towards the front. it is a round cover that has a round snap ring holding it in. It has a raised area in the center you can grab with pliers, looks like a little sombrero.:lol:
    You can pull it out and clean it, or even replace it with the Corvette servo for less than 20 dollars I believe. The Corvette servo will allow more apply pressure in low gear for towing.
    Be real careful putting it back together so the sealing rings do not get stuck in the bore, I messed mine up once and it would not shift out of first gear! I had to take it apart and redo it, takes less than 30 minutes to do this complete deal.

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