Tony Stewart and Greg Zipadelli, No. 20 Home Depot Monte Carlo SS; JD Gibbs, Presiden

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    [ GM Racing USA ]
    Transcript of post-race winner's press conference with Tony Steward, crew chief Greg Zipadelli and team president J.D. Gibbs ...

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    Zipadelli-Formula I perks-Dates Pilates instructor

    Hey,you can tell NASCAR has arrived.A couple of months back there was an article-in the New York Times, no less-about Stewart,and Zipadelli. The take home message-for me-was that Zipadelli was dating an Argentine (or maybe Brazilian) Pilates instructor who lives in New York. Who would have thought,a NASCAR crew chief dating like a Formula I driver!!
    My guys-JG,JJ,C Mears and Jr had mixed results, but JG opened his lead to 303 points. Now,I'm wishing there wasn't any chase. JG would have a 303-700 pt lead over the top 12 instead of having a 5-70 point lead.Oh well, it does make it more exciting, but the last 10 races are worth waaaaay more than the 1st 30 or so.
    Oh well-thanks,

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