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    I'm new here, but wish I had thought to find a site like this a long time back - At the same time, I feel a bit guilty, as my motive is to find new homes for two of my trucks... I have two C-30 Crew Cab Duallys - '79 and '86, both of which I have used to tow the vintage boats I restore as a hobby. The '79 I've had for 18 years, the '86 for three+. Both 454, 400 trannies (the '86 with a Doug Nash underdrive) , straight, some light rust starting, but real good rigs and perfect for restoration.

    My wife hates them, (neither AC's work any more- doesn't like the color, thinks they are ugly, etc...) but before I go and find a contractor or gardener who needs something to throw stuff in, I thought I'd try and find someone that appreciates these for the great trucks they are and who would at least respect and possibly restore them.

    I'm in Washington State near Seattle and will be happy to communicate with anyone who may have an interest. Once it quits raining, I'll get some new pictures taken.
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