too much negative camber ?

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    i have a stock suspensioned 1990 chevy k-1500 4x4 with factory wheels and 265-75-16 tires.

    about 6 months ago i had the pitman arm, idler arm, and sway bar links replaced, and they supposedly set the front alignment at that time. i was told i did not need tie rod ends or anything else. this is a trust worthy shop i have dealth with for a few years now. he could have told me i needed more, and i would have gone with it, but they said that is all i needed.
    before and after the alignment the tops of the front tires are noticeably pointing outward more than the bottom. this is neagative camber, correct ?

    the outside tread on my tires are wearing more than any other area on the front tires. is this a sign of a bad amilgment and the negative camber ?

    should i get it realigned ? it has been about 6k miles since i last rotated the tires.

    i want to get it right before i buy new tires.

    thanks much.

  2. Z71_guy

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    have the alignment checked sounds like a issue

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