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    So we were in a hurry to go on a 300 mile trip. I did what I never do, I took it to a quick oil change place. We drove 150 miles to our destination. I noticed a small oil spot on the driveway after the truck sat for 2 days. (smaller then a dime). I checked the oil level and it was high. I drained a full quart out of it to get it to the correct level. The drip looks like it may have come out of the rear main. The pressure was always normal, never got higher then average. Do I need to worry about engine damage? Rear main seal? I never had a burning oil smell, or smoke.I really don't want to pull the trans to fix it. after I drained it and it has sat for 2 days I have no more drips. Thanks
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    One of the problems with over filling is it can cause the oil to foam and it is possible that it increased pressure in the pan, that would not show up in your oil pressure gauge, it is possible that this pushed a little oil passed the crank shaft on the rear main, I doubt you caused any damage to the engine, and if it is not leaking now I don't think I would worry about the rear main, just keep an eye on it until either it starts leaking, or more likely you get tired of waiting for it to leak.
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    ok, thanks for the advice!

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