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    GM Truck Club is a large user-to-user GM & Chevy enthusiast community. We get millions of visitors each year and look to have nearly 100,000 registered members in the near future.

    With thousands of new members joining each month, the staff and moderators have compiled this list to help you get the most out of this site and especially to help you get answers to your questions.

    Top Five Ways To Get Questions Answered on GM Truck Club

    1) Use a specific title when starting a new thread.
    This may sound funny, but more people will read a thread with a very specific title. Use the best title you can think of so it stands out for people surfing through the new messages.

    Bad Title
    Good Title

    2) Give Enough Information.
    All the time people post a general questions with not enough information. Don't go overboard though, just the basics are fine.

    Not Enough Information Post
    Good Information Post
    3) Don't be long-winded. Try to be as brief as possible.
    To get the most responses, please be as brief as possible while still giving all of the relevant information. Hint, bullet-points like this work well.

    - Vehicle year, make and model.
    - Specific problems or questions you have.
    - How long you have had this issue.
    - Vehicle information like engine type, mileage and vehicle history.

    4) Fill out your Profile, Signature & Avatars - it only take 5 minutes.
    People tend to help those that they know a little bit about, that's just human nature. Consider filling out your Profile, add a Signature and uploading an Avatar and Profile Picture.


    Put basic information about you and your vehicles. (You can even upload a Signature Photo)

    Good Signature Example:
    General information about yourself can be entered in the profile, this can really help people to know you quickly.

    Avatar / Profile Picture
    These are a great way for other users to identify you instantly, just by your avatar. Please consider finding and uploading an avatar today. If you need any help, PM any moderator for assistance.

    5) Search before you ask your question.
    Before you begin, please do a site-search for your topic, it may have been asked before 100 times. You can also go to any specific forum and complete a narrow forum or sub-forum search as well.

    This is a user-to-user enthusiast website, jump in and ask your question, post your comment or let us know what's going on in your world. We're here to help!
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  2. ChevyFan

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    Figured I would bump this up again as there are a bunch of new members that never get around to their profile and signature. It's very helpful to other members when you give some good information on this so we can get to know you better on the site.

    FACEBOOK CONNECT - Want to make it simple? Just click the FACEBOOK connect button the top of the page. After you login, it will allow you to log into GMTC using your facebook account, making loging in a one-button exercise! Also, it will allow you to use some of the information you have in Facebook to pre-populate your GMTC settings.
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    Shouldn't #5 be #1? ;)
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