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    I have a 2000 chevy k3500 4 wd. Engine is a 7.4 liter 454, gas not diesel. It has a leak intake manifold leak and I need the torque specs for the intake manifold and the plenum. or as the chiltons manual I have calls them the lower and upper intake manifolds. 1st time ever doing a job like this so any help will be appreciated. Thanx a lot and I love the website.

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    The Chilton's usually have torque specs. They may be in the first chapter, or the first page of the chapter you are using as a guide.
  3. kingajo

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    I actually have a chiltons manual. it shows the specs to be in inch pounds. And the book says all v8 engines are the same sequence and torque. I actually have a buddy who has been building engine for 3 decades and is not sure about the 108 if i remember correctly inch pounds is the last max adjustment. according to the conversion table 108 inpd is 9 ftpds. that does seem a little on the lite side even to me. So just trying to see if anyone has used these specs and if they are correct. hate to have to do the repair again. Thanx 517.
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    Really. Nobody has this info . I thought there were GM tech on this site. Oh well I guess we'll have to wing it.
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    the 5.7's and 7.4's are 11 ft pounds dont over toruqe or you will be doin it again and make sure you get a good set of gaskets the cheeps ones will start leakin in about a year or so and for rtv you will want a something that has a temp rating of 600 + farenheight
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    Thanx everyone for your help.

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