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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by 04silverado4.8, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. 04silverado4.8

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    so i am doing this thread to maybe help out anyone who is looking for torque specs for their silverdo w/ hydraulic lifters...i found a site that told me to put the rocker bolts to 50 ft lbs...BUT!!! when i did that, it snapped the bolt in half and i had to remove the head and take the bolt out and replace it :( too much work...however, i just tightened them down with a ratchet by hand...NO PRYBARS!!!! lol same with the small head bolts...the bigger head bolts u can use a prybar on if u dont have a torque far all the bolts and rockers are knocking or pinging...hope this helps for some people who are working on head gaskets :) if there is any other help i can help with, post here or message me...if i dont know the answer, ill find it for u.
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    The torque spec on the rocker arm bolts is 22 ft lbs, hope this helps.
  3. 04silverado4.8

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    oh yea it write it down in the owners manual :) ill redo them when i get back to the getting an EATON MP112 S/C for ill redo the recalibration after that :)

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