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    How do you remove the torsion key from the bar, and the bar from the a-arm???
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    You need to releive the stress on the bar first. The safe way to do this is with the proper tool. But as you mentioned in your other thread they aren't cheap. Onece you remove the stress and the key the bar "should" slide right out.
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    Soak the spots where the bar slides in the control arm and where the bar slides into the stock key with pb blaster first, then take the stress off the bolts either by using the "proper" tool or by using a gear puller, it works just as good because there's a slot on the top of the crossmember for the jaws to sit in, then once you take the stress off the bolts, remove the adjuster bolts and then slowly loosen the gear puller until all the stress is off the torsion bars, make sure you support the control arm with a jack while you're doing all this. Once you have the tension off the bars the easiest way to remove the keys is to use an air hammer to slide the torsion bars forward just enough to let the keys drop, then from the front of the control arm, hammer the bar towards the back of the truck until it falls out. Sometimes the PB blaster doesn't even work and you'll have to use some heat on the control arms, be careful if you're doing this as you could burn a hole in your CV boot like I did...hope that helped

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    Yes, this does work and that's what I did to remove the bar. I don't know what I'd do with the that tool to releive the tention, well worth the $190.00 bucks
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    try using some heat on the torsion key as well

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