Torsion bar much is too much?

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  1. Georgia_Dave

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    I have a 1999 K1500 Suburban that's pretty much stock at this moment. I just purchased some 2007 Silverado factory rims that are 17', where as my originals were 16". I want to add some lift but not a ton, and I have heard/read that this can be easily accomplished with blocks in the leaf springs in the rear in conjunction with ratcheting up my torsion bars on the front. My question is how much lift can I achieve on the front safely, without damaging any suspension or drive train components. As little as 1.5-2.0" would be enough for the look I want, am I ok doing this, or should I get a leveling kit with the torsion keys?

    Thank you in advance for any input.
  2. blackburb

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    I knew a guy who did about a six inch lift with just blocks and cranking the bars on that vintage burb. I have no idea how it handled, but he was happy with it and he's a long time car guy (works for a major auto parts chain)
  3. TimTom64b

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    I do not know about a 99 year vehicle... but my 2009 gained about 1.5 inches with the stock keys turned all the way up. The main thing is when you crank them to be sure you maintain adequate clearence between all bump stops. I just upgraded my suspension adding two inches in the front and 2 in in the rear... this included new UCA's, keys, and 2 inch rear blocks. I made sure when I adjusted the keys to maintain 3/4 inch between the upper stop as I do not want the UCA's to get damaged.
  4. bazar01

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    Not sure how much you can raise the front but you need to watch the ball joints for binding.
  5. K15 Blazer Guy

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    they're not meant to be above 3"
    a good way to tell is looking at your sway bar end-links

    the sway bar should be level to the ground... if your end-links are straining and stretching, and lowering your sway bar's ends... its too high, and your suspension is going to hyper extend, and wear faster.

    I lifted mine 3" then snapped an end link when I was off-roading. so now its at 2" with new, longer end-links.

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