Torsion Bar Rusted Troubles

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by gfitzge33, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. gfitzge33

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    hey guys,
    okay, trying to put a leveling kit (new torsion keys) on my 99 silverado. but after ten years of driving the bars look to be rusted into the keys. worked on them for many many hours today, trying to get them free so i can slide them forward. but they just really do not want to cooperate with me. i already have the tension off the key and the bolt and holding nut out of the way. i have tried everything in my knowledge to get it, but i need any tips on what i should do. thanks for any suggestions.
  2. grimreapersshadow

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  3. tattooed4life

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    Try using a torch to heat the old keys that way they will expand. This may help in getting enough "play" to remove them. I also gave up on mine after many hours of struggling, gave in to the local mechanic. He had a whole day of labor and swearing to get mine in.
  4. gfitzge33

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    thanks for the replies guys, although i have already tried both of those ideas and they also failied. i think i am at the point of taking it to a mechanic as well. i already have about 20 hours into it and basically have nothing done. but again thanks for the ideas.
  5. azdrtdog

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    THIS may sound drastic but its not that bad and worth every moment of extra work.drop the lower ball joint.. disconect shock,loosing the castle nut till its flush with bolt beat the crap out of the knuckle(look for the flat spot cast in) and the torsion will pop it apart then take the wieght wuith jack to remove nut let the lower arm dangle and tor. bar will slide out
  6. 2COR517

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    That actually sounds like a good idea.
  7. KyleZ71

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    My 03 had the same problem, just wondering if you got them off or took it to a shop.
  8. chevyrocker

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    used an air chissle on mine and had no problem pushing them forward after pb blasting them
  9. BrownPats420

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    Air chisel worked for my 03 as well

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