torsion keys...good or bad?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by GMCZ71, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. GMCZ71

    GMCZ71 Rockstar

    My stepfather and I were thinking about lifting our trucks a little was woundering if torsion keys are a good idea to lift the front. What I mean by this is replacing the stock ones with aftermarket ones
  2. MTM

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    There is no problems with doing this it's by far better than just cranking them up. Even if you do just crank the factory ones up it still wont hurt ive had mine up 2'' for a few years now and havent had any problems
  3. rileyjr16

    rileyjr16 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    May ride a bit rougher but there shouldn't be any problems.
  4. GMCZ71

    GMCZ71 Rockstar

    Well I found some springs for my truck that will raise the back 3 1/2"...we just wanted to know if the aftermarket keys would match the rear springs

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    My stepfather was woundering how they you still crank the torsion bar or do the keys compensate so you don't have to touch them?
  5. rileyjr16

    rileyjr16 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Still crank them. The springs probably won't match the front height. May be too tall to be level if thats what your going for

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    Only thing I wouldn't do is put springs on it. Makes the ride rough in the back. I'd put blocks between the springs and rear axle
  6. MtBadBob

    MtBadBob New Member

    The keys just drop down the location of the torsion bars. They also have an adjuster bolt to raise & lower them. Most mechanics don't recommend cranking on the torsion bars, as it's hard on the alignment. I put keys on my '07 2500 HD & lifted it about 2", then aligned it. It wasn't off by much, but enough to wear your tires in time, especially if you don't rotate your tires. The keys will keep your ride comfort as stock, while cranking the bars will make it ride a bit harsher.
  7. GMCZ71

    GMCZ71 Rockstar

    So the keys lift the truck without cranking or so you still have to crank them?...I need new springs anyway I thought the lifting springs were a good deal...anyone on here have experience with the soft ride springs from skyjacker?...those were the one's I was thinking about getting
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  8. Dirty Dog

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    :glasses:I will be setting the torsion bars today on the Lucky Penny this morning,,, the stock settings were off when we tore the truck down, the passage side was 1 cm less then the drivers side, I am not sure what that was all about , but did notice the truck was sitting unlevelled when it arrived to my shop.
    I asked lucky if the truck pulled to the right and he said yes it wandered a little,,, if i get this mod set and do not like the way it sits, rides or handles, I will be suggesting that Lucky gets some keys for it,,, if available ... I have had some experience with these in an other truck of mine, and have found no negative effects......
  9. MtBadBob

    MtBadBob New Member

    Yes, the keys will change the position of the torsion bars(lowers them), thus raising truck withoutcranking the torsion bars. They will also have an adjusting bolt to give you some more height adjustability without cranking the bars. I don't have any input on your springs, tho!
  10. BrownPats420

    BrownPats420 Member 100 Posts

    I've loved mine ever since I put them in, looks great, and ride's smooth so i'm not complaining:great:

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