Total Load Control™ tested at Bondurant School of High Perrformance Driving

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    Here is video of the Total Load Control™ system tested at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving outside Phoenix.

    The shot is underneath a 2011 Silverado. Initially driving is done with air bags deflated; then inflated. Here are the times of some good shots:

    Air bags deflated - Start driving :45 seconds
    Bouncing 1:15 min
    More action 2:10
    More action 2:30

    Inflate Air Springs 4:00 min

    Air bags inflated Start slow 4:45 min
    Speed up 5:45 min
    HiSpeed 6:20 min
    More action 7:30 min
    More action 9:20 min
    More action 10:15 min

    This video shows all the shocks and sway around corners at high speeds that TLC absorbs.

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