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Discussion in 'Total Load Control' started by ChevyFan, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. ChevyFan

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    Hey, I got this off your website. [MENTION=51089]TLC John[/MENTION], can you tell us what we're seeing here?

  2. TLC John

    TLC John New Member

    Total Load Control Retractable Air Suspension

    Thanks Steve.

    The video shows the Total Load Control™ air suspension retracting completely out of the way so the driver can resume on the factory suspension.

    TLC™ is the only retractable air suspension. Every other air suspension is attached at the top and bottom and the truck can pull the air springs apart. TLC is independent and adds power without interfering with the leaf spring suspension. TLC's air springs cannot be pulled apart. This is one reason TLC works so well and why its patented.

    The other feature is 9" dual convolute air springs - the largest air springs used on any 1/2-ton truck. Bigger is definitely better allowing the air springs to operate at low air pressures and remain flexible.

    Many GMClub members know about helper springs - TLC is much more than a helper spring. TLC gives the driver total control at all times. When unloaded, TLC improves the steering, handling and ride (for instance, vibration over washboard roads is virtually eliminated and sway and body roll are substantially reduced). When loaded, the truck will always be level and the steering, handling, ride and braking are also improved.

    Even though, as this video shows, the air springs are retractable, our customers prefer to have the TLC system engaged all the time with 5+ psi to keep the air springs engaged and improving all aspects of the truck's everyday performance.
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  3. TLC John

    TLC John New Member

    Tlc independent air springs

    This shows the TLC air springs acting independently - here, retracting out of the way to return to the factory suspension.

    TLC is the only air INDEPENDENT air suspension - we have a patent on that.

    What it means is the air springs add lift without interfering with the factory suspension and unlike other systems, the Goodyear air springs TLC uses cannot break.
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  4. ChevyFan

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    That looks pretty sweet.
  5. TLC John

    TLC John New Member

    You're seeing the 9" air spring retracting.

    TLC™ is the only air suspension with air springs attached at one end only - this allows TLC to not interfere with the factory suspension - but add 2 tons of lift when needed. Also, because of the large air springs, TLC operates at low air pressure so the air springs will improve everyday ride, steering and handling with or without a load.

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