tow 5th wheel?

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  1. antoni-chevy

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    I have a 2010 chevy 1500, 4.8 V8, 3.73 rear axle. the book says i can tow 6700lbs off the tail. but it doesnt say anything about a 5th wheel except that the tongue weight goes up to 1500lbs.

    so my question is can i tow a 5th wheel? does the towing capacity increase if I can. I have been googling for an answer but I have been getting mixed results. some people say the weight goes up and some say it stays the same.

    thanks for the help.
  2. troutbug

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    My book for the 2008 says it stays the same (6700 lb.) for the 4.8L, 3.73 diff., ext. cab, 6'6" bed 2wd. It also says you need either Z85 or Z71 package. I'm not sure if those specs carry over for 2010, since you have a 6-speed tranny and mines a 4-speed. It also says max combined rating of 12000 lb. Your truck is probably just under 6000, so you may be able to pull a small camper, but you might have trouble getting up the hills.
  3. retired2001

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    Welcome to the GMTC ! I had a "light weight" 25' 5th wheel which I pulled behind the '96 Ext/cab w/350R; automatic; 3:73 gears; "Air Ride" bags on the rear. The trailer dealer assured me it would pull fine. WRONG! I could do pretty well on flat ground, but hills and stopping were "shaky". I traded my 1/2 ton for a crew cab 3/4 short bed w/350R; HD tranny; brakes! Worked great~! Just "Food for thought".
  4. troutbug

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    Yeah, I would think the 4.8L is really going to struggle with a 5th wheel. My dad's old dually with a 350 and Gear Vendors aux. tranny struggled when they upgraded to a 29 ft. camper, but I think that thing weighs about 12000 lb. He ended up getting a Duramax 3/4 ton to pull it.
  5. antoni-chevy

    antoni-chevy New Member

    thanks for the info. Good thing I didnt buy the truck to tow a 5th wheel! lol. I tow a pop up now, it weighs 2500lbs, and the truck does a great job of towing it. If/when we upgrade it will probably be to a smaller travel trailer.
  6. silveradotrailblazer

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    I know with the classic body style CREWCAB 1500's the manuel says not to install a fifth wheel type hitch. Don't know about the NBS trucks.
  7. murdog94

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    On the Crew cab the box is to short and you risk hitting the cab with the camper. Also there usually isnt enough room to mount the hitch center on the frame.
  8. mudking4717

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    The truck will tow the 5th wheel but how much will it squat the truck and will you be able to stop in time in anything happens you will put a work out on the truck pulling hills
  9. daddytech

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    I'd say 5th wheel or not you still are only able to safely pull the 6700lbs that the book states for it. those specs don't differentiate it being a regular hitch or a 5th wheel but being your truck is made largely from recycled steel and not made that well at that i wouldn't think a 5th wheel plate in the back would work very good, or for very long. might find yourself having to stop all the time to have it tightened back up again because it would work it's self loose. yeah your truck might pull more but question is even if it does it's going to be harder to climb hills with it and MUCH harder to stop meaning it's going to wear harder on your breaks and transmission and i believe that truck still has the 4L60E in it too and as i found out the hard way with my tahoe, they don't hold up well for long pulling more than they are supposed to be able to. I need a rebuild soon on my transmission now becuase i have hauled cars and great big old vans around on my car hauler for great distances and though it did it, it was a lot harder on it than it should have been and mine has the 350 Vortec V8 in it just my take on this for what it's worth to you.
  10. littenhope

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    you may be able to more then what the book says but i wouldn't push it i use 5th wheel king pin extender but not totally sure it works for everyone. sorry i cant help more!

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