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    I have a 2002 Suburban with 5.3 and tow package with the Nivomat self adjusting shocks, I will be towing a travel trailer with a equalizer weight distributing hitch with anti sway bars rated at 12,000 lbs capacity and 1,000 lb tounge weight capacity. A prodigy brake controller.
    The trailer weighs in at 5,974 lbs and plus whatever we pack in it(clothes, food, dishes, chairs, etc.)
    I believe we will be at 7,000 to 7,500 max camp ready weight and the trailer has center kitchen and elecyric brakes.
    Anyone on here have any experience towing close to this weight and your thoughts?
    In Ohio, Michigan, Indiana mostly, so no major hills.
    Thanks for any input.
  2. 2COR517

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    How big of a herd are you hauling in the sub? I personally think you are at the upper end of the capacity of a half ton. How big of a herd are you hauling in the sub? Having said that, I have a friend who has hauled a fifth wheel, much taller and more drag, all over the country. First in a 96 K1500 reg cab w/5.7, then in his 2000 ish K1500 ext cab w/5.3. He does go easy, never exceeds 55mph. And I talked him into using tow/haul on the new truck. He likes to save money, and thought tow/haul would cost him more fuel. Well, he tried my suggestion, dropped 500 rpm and gained almost a full mile per gallon. And he probably extended the life of his transmission.

    I know people have hauled more with less, but I prefer to play it safe. I'm glad I have the 3/4 ton.
  3. ejohnson03

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    You should have no problem haulin' that sub...

    We are pulling a Rockwood Roo 21SS Travel Trailer with our 1994 Silverado.

    Using pretty much the same Towing rig and E-brake.

    Really don't know that it is behind us.

    We have been to Maumee Bay (near Toledo) a few times, heading out to Waffle Farms in Coldwater, MI in a couple weeks.

    Good luck, happy camping.
  4. vncj96

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    No problem, have twice pulled cars behind my truck on a 2600lbs trailer. Other then the ride being a little different ad you obviously cant accelarate as fast it wasnt a prblem, I didnt even lose any MPG
  5. azdrtdog

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    thats the key dont be in a hurry use the occasional semi draft on the open road and watch that trans. fluid get a temp gauge for insurance and happy camping

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