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Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by rjr, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. rjr

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    I have a 2007 Tahoe. I do quite a bit of towing with my Tahoe. I would like to install the towing mirrors similar to the ones that come on the late model 2500HD pick up trucks. I was told by the dealer that it's a bolt in item but it will not connect electronically.
    Has anyone done this conversion? and if so, were you able to connect them electronically as well?

    Thanks for your responses in advance.
  2. RayVoy

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    A couple of guys have done it, I do believe most of the electrics work. At least one of the members did a step-by-step write up.

    Try a site search, it should pop up.
  3. 03 SIERRA

    03 SIERRA Rockstar 100 Posts

    I know some stuff about the tow mirrors but i have never installed gm ones. Do you have an old body style or new body style? if its the old body gm is right, the actual oem ones will not plug in as they changed the plugs in 07. I believe you can get direct fit aftermarket ones that have the correct plugs on the and might be already leveled (meaning they dont look like a 747 taking off if you have an obs, if they aren't, there is a leveling mod), otherwise you have to cut and splice. If you have the DL3 (old or new body) option, you loose the power fold ability and i believe the driver auto dimming feature, as well as puddle lights if you have them. im not sure about curbview assist tho. Hope this helps, im sure others will chime in.
  4. rjr

    rjr New Member

    thanks for your reply..

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank for you input. My truck is the 2007-2014. I just didn't want to install these mirrors and loose electronic control of the mirrors.
  5. Jamm3r

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    You might like the power extend/retract mirrors from Power Vision. They were a factory option on 1999-2006 trucks, and I have them on my 'burb. The only drawback is that if you have a 102" trailer you may find that they don't extend quite as far as you want -- usable and safe still but barely so.

    I'm thinking of getting another set for my 1997 k2500.

    They sell kits for all years 88-13 that bolt right on and plug in. You would have to add a switch (which they provide) for the power extend feature.
  6. 03 SIERRA

    03 SIERRA Rockstar 100 Posts

    Do the power extend ones power fold as well? I have only dealt with broken ones. Do they also still have curb view assist? I know some people add a fish eye to see in the blind spots. The newer tow mirrors already have a fisheye so I don't think the need the ca option.
  7. rjr

    rjr New Member

    I just did it on my truck. It's a simple remove and replace. Everything bolts up perfectly and the electrical conections are excactly the same. It also includes the side marker indicators. GM part #19243900.

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  8. BornAgainBiker55

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    I have this on my "wish list" for my '07 NBS. Amazon has ones that are aftermarket that should bolt right in for the NBS. My truck came with heated glass / power adjust only and the turn signal should work along with the heat and adjust. Keep in mind only the upper glass adjusts. The fish-eye is manual adjustment. This set is also manual extend:
    I am saving for these, but they're a little low on the priory list.
    And I agree that the older bodys with this mirror, if they're not leveled it just looks tacky
  9. rjr

    rjr New Member

    Those look exactly the same as mine but less Those are probably made by the same company that made them for GM. Go for it.
  10. Matracer

    Matracer Member

    Il have a 2008 Suburban 1500 LTZ with the power folding Mirror, with turn signal and auto dim. IF I buy the amazone's one, will the electric connector fit?


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