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    UWEBABY New Member

    Hi all. Im a newbie in need of some advice.

    Ive got an 06 silverado with the stock power and heated mirrors. Im going to be towing a trailer and wanted the manual extender mirrors with the power and heat. I checked with my dealer and he gave me an installed price of nearly 1200 dollars. I walked out on him.
    I found a set on the internet,, that are oem replacement, power and heated for under 200, that im thinking of getting. They look just like the gm2500 extendables.

    Any thoughts on these or other suggestions?

    Second, do i have to remove the door panel or is the connector reachable after removing the mirror?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. magstar67

    magstar67 New Member

    Yes you will have to remove the door panel and the wire harness plugs in near the top of the door panel.

    I have been looking at some of the aftermarkets on ebay and am wondering what their quality is. I dont want them that you cant see out of because of vibrations. The hardest part of the install is getting the door panel off and back on!

    Even if you brought the GM ones from a dealer they shouldnt cost more than 600-700 for the mirrors only I would think!

    Good luck.

    UWEBABY New Member

    Dealer wanted over 600 for pair. I was worried about aftermarket quality as well. Many dont allow returns. Kool-vue has a website. I was going to call them.
  4. vncj96

    vncj96 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Want to bet!! The mirrors for my 99 suburban are 556 bucks a piece!! Some heated mirrors are filled with a fluid not electrical such as in my case and along with the denali and escalade from my body style, factory parts are not cheap and some for the actual replacement can only be bought from the dealership, such as the liquid mirrors. I did however buy an aftermarket from ebay that is just standard heated and power and works perfectly!

    UWEBABY New Member

    Ill pm you

    UWEBABY New Member

    Cancel the pm, i dont have enough posts.

    Anyway, do you remember the ebay site or brandnames?

  7. vncj96

    vncj96 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    It was a very common dealer on ebay, the mirror I got was like 45 with shipping, sorry cant remember the dealer. I just put in suburban mirror and ordered it from the biggest seller I could find
  8. KennyD

    KennyD New Member

    I just got a set of towing mirrors off ebay for my 2004 2500 HD. I only had to take off the part of the door panel that covers behind the mirror is mounted (little triangle part of the panel at the top). I got these power/heated mirrors for $254 with shipping...good deal!

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