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  1. Mike S.

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    I have a 99 Tahoe that has the towing package and plan to tow our travel trailer this summer but have a few questions. The hitch on the Tahoe has a round 6 pin plug and I think my camper is a 7 way plug, is there an adpater for this or do I need to put a different plug on the hoe? Question 2. Do I need to have a brake controller installed to pull a trailer or is this "built in" with the towing package. If not, could I put this in or hire someone? (I'm not a mechanic.) Question 3. Our trailer is around 7,000 lbs. and I think that is stretching the towing limits of the vehicle, but if I stay on flat ground and within a 500 mile radius will I be OK? I hope these questions don't sound too stupid but I am a newbie to all of this and any help would be welcome!
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    Dont know if you've got a Northern Hydraulics around but they sell lots of different adaptors.
    Try thier website if you dont have a store local.
    BTW I bought one from them for my Suburban that went 7 pin to 4 flat for my boat trailer.
  3. 2wheelmudder

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    i think this is wiring your looking for:

    but im sure you can find at advance or autozone too or cabelas,

    i think you can tow it especially with a weight distribution system,

    brake controllers are usually underneath your steering wheel dash right above feet, if not usually pretty inexpensive and probably can have wired by someone for around 50 bucks im guessing
  4. dualdj1

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    You should be fine hauling that way, but I would recommend getting/making sure you have the brake controller. I'd also recommend a load balance hitch with sway bar for it if you don't have one ( These are especially helpful if your trailer has a lot of tongue weight and you don't have heavy duty springs in the back of your vehicle. The sway bar helps a ton in high wind, keeping the trailer right behind you.

    You don't gain much by going to the 7 pin harness over the 6 pin. The 6 pin has the charging circuit and brake control, the only thing it doesn't have is backup lights. If you can buy a 7 pin socket for less than a 6 to 7 adapter, I'd change out to the 7 pin. Otherwise the 6 to 7 adapter would work as well. I don't see any adapters on a quick search, so the 7 pin socket might be your best bet.

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