towing with a 1500 4.8, bouncing ideas around

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by superUPer, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. superUPer

    superUPer New Member

    I am going to be moving to AK in the fall, driving from Minnesota. I have a 2002 Silverado 1500 with a 4.8 liter. I'm estimating the weight I will be hauling to be roughly 8-10K lbs. Slide in camper, 7x16 trailer, snowmobile, household items. Is this too much for my 1/2 ton? I would get airbags for the rear suspension, and a tranny cooler (unless mine has it already. How good is the one with the towing package?)

    I am debating selling this truck and getting a 3/4 ton. What would you pay for a truck like mine? 110K miles, 4x4, z71 offroad suspension, brand new bilstein shocks, towing package, extended cab, linex spray in bedliner, topper. It has a salvage title, but is rebuilt. It had been hit on the passenger side and needed new doors and a rocker panel. It has some dents and dings, not perfect cosmetically.

    I have till November to get this figured out.
    Waddaya think?
  2. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    Well SuperUPer, You are more than welcome to leave that snowmobile with me:lol:I swear i wont ride it "much". That would cut out up to 800lbs.....
    I guess i would get a much better estimate on your weight since 8K lbs really is the max with a weight distribution hitch (and id add the bags if the camper is ridding in the box).... And then you'll be stuck at 55-60mph to be safe..
    As to the what is your truck worth, well ive seen 02s here in MN selling for $7-$9K but with a salvage title you would most likely be in the $7K range...
    That would put you into a decent 3/4ton.
  3. superUPer

    superUPer New Member

    800 lbs??!! What are you riding? My sled's no TNT, but I would guess it's more like 500lbs. I'll leave it with you if you leave 40 c notes in my wallet lol.

    The only thing with getting a more accurate weight is I would have to wait till like a week before I leave. Then it's too short of notice to sell and buy another truck. The best I could do is get the weight on the trailer and a similar slide in camper. I have no idea how much household items would add up to. I guess if I loaded up and scaled the whole works and remove stuff as needed...hmmm.

    Would a 93 silverado 2500 with a 5.7 pull any better than my current truck? I would guess that would still need airbags with a slide in camper.

    I've also browsed a 93 dodge 2500 with a 5.9 cummins, now that would be nice except when it's 40 below.
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  4. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    Well the 2500 Chevy would do OK... but would need helpers and the 5.7 would be just ok for power. I just rid of a 88, and pulled 9K with it and wow was that a wild ride...
    As to the cummins In -40... shoot they make a block heater and just run #1 in it.. good to go. Oh and a tank heater. It should fire right up as long as you keep it plugged in!
    As to the weight i guess a 2K window is just a little much... And 40c notes naaa, im looking to spend 20 on my new (to me) sled this fall at haydays!! And 800lbs is a wet weight that most sleds come in at and some of the newer Yamahas and other 4strokes can hit that easly.
    As to the tranny cooler if you already have the external one that is what you want..
  5. superUPer

    superUPer New Member

    I'd love a diesel, but realistically I don't need that much truck. The 1500 is a good fit for me for the most part. I like the mileage too. so...

    Some real numbers: the trailer I want is 2300lbs
    camper, roughly 1500? It's hard to say for sure, its one of those older ones, like 70s style. I'm still going to say 500lbs (those yammies are tanks!) for my sled, although it would be interesting to know the actual wet weight. That's 4300, then add household stuff.

    This might work...a 5.3 would probably be the perfect truck for me. This is going to be a rare long trip with this much weight, so the 4.8 would probably work, but it would struggle. Maybe I'll look for a deal on a 5.3. Just thinking out loud here. Did they make a 5.3 with a 4L80 transmission?

    BTW I'd never get that much for my sled, but right now that's what it would take for me to sell it. I have way to much blood sweat and tears into it to let it go for less. Wish I could make it to Haydays, what are you looking at there?
  6. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    Nope the 5.3L didnt come with a 4L80E... only the 4L60 and 4L65.. And the 4.8L will do it if you can keep everything under 8ish.. Id say the camper is probably 1000-1250 empty.. and depending on household stuff depending on how much. My wife and i moved out 2 bedroom apartment (when i was in the army that filled a 14ft U-haul) that was 5600lbs (i had to weigh the truck empty and full) but if you are moving less then you get the idea.
    Just make sure your hitch can handle it and dont push it to hard to be honest.. Yes the weight may be a bit on the "high" side but to be honest if you arent planning on doing this more than once or so, then just upfit the truck and go from there. Oh and be sure your tires can take the weight as well.

    As per the sled yeah yamis are tanks but they are pretty much the fastest thing on the market... And im looking for a nice 4stroke that honestly will end up running me 2000-3000, thats what they were going for last year. I want a 151 track so it might end up being a 2stroke we shall see. I love going and looking at the stuff that is for sale where else can you get 50-75 acers of sleds and parts and vendors... GOOD fun.
  7. superUPer

    superUPer New Member

    5600lbs, hey? That makes me feel better... We're moving out of a one bedroom apartment, won't be bringing much of the larger furniture like the couch. Should easily be under 4k. But just for reference, what kind of furniture did you have?

    Good luck on the sled hunt, I've got a 151 2" track powered by a 1998 670 in a 2002 mxzx chassis. I'm hoping it's enough for the AK steep and deep.

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