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  1. morgan320i

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    i have an 02 silverado 2500 hd with a 6.0 and towing package. a superchips tuner. i just bought a trailer toy hauler 7500 lbs dry and was towing it today dry and uphills the temp got a bit warm not to the hot but halfway between mid line and the red it was a 7 percent grade where it warmmed up like that. also the tranny temp went up to like 2 clicks past center. i am getting an upgraded oil cooler installed next week but whats safe? having the temp go up like that safe for me? the oil cooler will solve it getting 2 warm but what about the water temp. a coolant additive work? water wetter?
  2. wayned

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    a engine oil cooler will help.
  3. Leo81

    Leo81 New Member

    Oil cooler

    Yes I concur with the above opinion maybe also add a CAI and exhaust to lower EGT.

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