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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by Smitty87, Feb 28, 2014.

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    That makes sense, thanks for educating me on two topics today haha :glasses:
    They are -12 offset. Originally I wanted to see if I could squeak a 35 w/ a 20x9 under there but I thought I would be better off going with a 33 and a little bit wider stance. I don't have any interest in stuffing the wheel wells and with 35's that is exactly what I would be doing. I think the set up that I plan on going with will look a lot better.

    That sucks about your duratracs for sure. I haven't had any issues with traction at all. In fact the main reason I went with these was because they were supposed to be excellent in the snow, and they are just that.

    13K miles? Thats outrageous. Glad you found a set up that works for you and that you like!
  2. ajarman

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    33's with a bit wider stance is mucho better in my book!
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  4. GeorgiaZ71

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    Being that you are from Michigan, I definitely would think twice about any mud-terrains. (I was from Michigan, but since moved South). Most people equate mud-tires to great traction in the snow...couldn't be more wrong. Being from Michigan OP, I'm sure you know all about that.

    I am not discounting anyone's experience with any tires in general...everyone has their own recommendations. I know personally at least 8 guys running Duratracs for off-roading and daily driving from Jeep's, Hummer (H2s and H3s), Toyota Tundra and an FJ Cruiser. Not one of them has a negative to say other than road noise. And a few of them have gotten 40k+ miles. So how someone got 13k is mind-boggling.

    I prefer the Nitto's over Toyo's. Don't know about the Toyo MT, but I had a pair of AT's in Michigan. Took them off after less than a year after sliding all over the road thru winter time...on a previous Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you are looking for a Mud-terrain, you could always look at the Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar... those are some sweet tires. Not sure if cost is a big concern. I also really like the Cooper STT (kind of mix of AT and MT).
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    my bfgs have been fantastic in the snow. not the best on hard pack, but any amount of loose stuff and they are great. weating super good, I love em.

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    The new FC-II's are suppose to be BA as well. I know a few guys who swear by the "dirty dicks. Can't be a bad choice, I'm just not wild about the "DC" plastered all over the sidewall.

    Tough to beat a BFG in the snow, thats for sure. My dad had them on his H2. As I said, my duratracs are beasts in the snow as well.They really are a great all around tire and I'd highly recommend it.

    I'll probably get at least 45k out of mine but I've taken very, very good care of them.
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    I ran the Dick Cepek radial fun country in a 36" for a few years. They rode awesome on the highway, were not that loud compared to baja claws and did very well in snow.

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