TPMS for a 2007 Suburban

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    I will look again, but I think the tires just give a range, not a specific psi for the vehicle you are driving.

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    I should have been more specific, and I do have a 1500. When I had the new tires and sensors put on, I asked them to over inflate my tires because I knew I was going to be programming the sensors by letting air out of each one. As it turns out I only needed to let a small amount out before each registered, so they were all still over inflated. I only mentioned 42 as a pressure they all seemed to stop giving me a warning in the message center. I currently have all four at 38 psi, but I am not sure what should be the correct psi as the previous owner most likely ruined the other tires because they were cupped in the middle. Then again he could have been driving around with low pressure like 24 because the TPMS was not working.
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    So, this is just my 2 cents worth. On the door frame is a factory sticker that provides the recommended tire pressures, I know you don't have factory wheels/tires, however, the label pressures should be used as a guide.

    You keep taking about cupping, actually that problem is causes by wear in the suspension; however, if what you were referring to was the center of the tire being worn more that the outside, that is caused by over inflation. Wearing of the shoulders of the tire is caused by under inflation.

    I suggest, somewhere around 35 (cold) might be a good pressure.
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    I look at my DIC and i do not see the relearn function for the tpms. Relearn remote is there . Is there another way to activate the relearn function for the tpms? At the moment the displat indicates dashes. BTW winter rims installed on a 2007 Suburban,5.3L LTZ. I remember when the summer rims were installed they had to use the deflate method due to interference in the garage. I just don,t remember how they got it to the relearn mode.
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    As RayVoy says, cupped tires generally indicate an alignment problem. If alignment is true and tires are under inflated then the outside edges of the tire wear first. If over inflated then the center wears out first.

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