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  1. navyeoseabee

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    hello, This is my first post , i must say. I love forums and i am a member to many for my r/c hobby and dodge caliber club.

    so otherwise adue

    i just had the first set of tires put on my 2003 chevy 1500, 2 wheel drive extended cab pick up. It was at walmart ...i know... i had a friend that got some tires there and they messed up his tpms on his ford. so that is why i am here.

    they charged me $40.00 on top of the tires for a "broken" tpms ... i have had "under" inflated tires before and never seen a light on the dash board before....DO i even have a tpms ? is it possible that it was "broken" before i took it to them ? and how do i check to see if they put a new one in ?

    it sounds like a scam to me since i had pretty low psi in my front tires before and never had a warning light before.

    thank you for your time -arick
  2. tbplus10

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    Most likely they broke it dismounting the old tire. If it was broken before you'd have gotten a tire Press. warning.
    Proving they broke it is a different story unless you witnessed them breaking it, its your word against thiers.
    From what I've seen of Walmart they could care less about repeat customers and customer service. At this point to save yourself from a big headache I'd say let it go, never do buisiness with them again, and spread the word about how good the service you recieved was, and use it as a $40 lesson.
    To check the TPMS you'd need to know which tire it was, you'd have to remove the tire from the rim, and prove the TPMS was new. You might get lucky and find a lot # or date of manufacture on the TPMS that could prove when it was manufactured but more than likely you wont find any date on it to show date of manufacture.
    Did they return the broken parts to you as required by Fed Law? Maybe you could use this angle to your advantage if they didnt.
  3. navyeoseabee

    navyeoseabee New Member

    thank you for the fast reply.

    i figured as much. BUT do i even had tpms? i am about to go drain the psi out of the front tires they are old and i swear i never got the warning before that my going flat tires were "LOW" ...i like that they have to proved a broken part ...that i did not know. thanks again very good info.-arick
  4. dwill3015

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    Welcome to the site!
  5. navyeoseabee

    navyeoseabee New Member

    okay , my wife is thinking i am immature... i just went out (38-40degrees) to drain the front tires which they did not replace only the two rears. and i drained it to 15 psi and fired up the chevy for 5 mins and nothing, no lights , no bells or whistles ...

    does a 2003 chevy have the tpms? i really am starting to think i got screwed! if sam walton was alive he would not be happy! -lol

    thanks for the welcome -arick
  6. 1slols1

    1slols1 Rockstar

    first of all you have to drive with low air to make the light come on, secondly if you look at the valve stem and it is just a black rubbr stem then you dont have it, the tpms sensor is attached to the bottom of the valve stem and the easiest way to tell if you have it is that there is a nut holding the valve stem on the rim, no nut no sensor. secondly it is unfair to claim wal-mart is a ****ty place, and i dont say this just because i work in the tire shop part time, because believe me we have some ****ty wal-marts here in OK, but as far as the one I work at, I am one of 3 certified mechanics that work in the shop part time and the other 3 guys who work part time are certified tire techs. I guess you just have to find one where the guys know what they are doing. Also if you do take the tires off and there is a sensor the easiest way to tell if it is new is that the ones we sell at wal-mart do not have GM part numbers on them they are aftermarket. every one i have changed has had a GM number on it so, no number equals they have changed the sensor. hope this helps and sorry for the trouble you have had at your wal-mart, if you lived in Oklahoma i would recommend you come to our shop from now on.
  7. sheep

    sheep Rockstar 100 Posts

    just a note of info for people who do not know yet(this wont include the 03s to like 06s, the new chevy tpms might still be a rubber valve stem but they look thicker and longer then a normal rubber one
  8. navyeoseabee

    navyeoseabee New Member

    i didn't mean to upset you in anyway. sorry if i did.

    I did find out that my 2003 truck DOESN"T have the tpms BUT the wheels does have it. i guess that it was never completly installed in the truck OR the orginal owner put these wheels on the truck. Still got the un-needed part...:(
  9. tlperry68

    tlperry68 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Hey SeaBee,
    I have had my tpms come on a soon as I turn the key to ON. The warning comes up before I crank over the motor saying what tire exactly is low and also gives the pressure reading.
    Sorry to hear about the loss of 40 bucks - thats always a bummer.
    I cross trained with NMCB 7 in North Carolina, some good guys out there. Does the eo stand for equipment operator?
  10. navyeoseabee

    navyeoseabee New Member

    at least it was only $40.00 bucks! got some pretty cool meats on the truck now bridgestone dueler rvt's It is a 2wd ...i am not going to the baja either, just Oklahoma winter coming.

    EO stands for the best job the navy has lol...yes equipment operator, i knew a female chief craig and a guy with the last name george from nmcb7 any luck? were you usmc?-arick

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