TPMS reset required with 2 wheel sets?

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  1. winburne24

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    I have a 2011 Silverado and just got a set of Helo 835s for Christmas. I am planning on putting some 285/65-18s on these rims. I do not want to run these rims in the winter since i live in Pennsylvania and the road salt/slurry mixture is brutal and will ruin these rims in a few years. What I would like to do is run these Helo rims in the Spring-Fall and then run my stock 17" rims in the winter. My concern is can I run two different sets of rims with TPMS sensors in them without having to reset/reprogram my computer each time?

    If this isn't possible what is the best route? What does anyone else do that has 2 sets of rims? Looking for some ideas.
  2. IanF

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    The simple answer is yes, however, if you get a set of programmable sensors such as Orange OPSS, you can actually clone the ID#s into the second set and when you swap it will recognize them without changes or reset. The downside is when you rotate your tires, you still have to do the reset to gte the position correct. I have a cloned set in my winter wheels and I still have to run the reset routine to gte the position correct as when I swap over is when I do the rotate as well. I have the programming tool and when I do the reset I do not have to let air out, just use the tool to activate each sensor in order per the manual. I did not need to program the sensors but did anyway. In order to clone the sensors you need a program tool which is way more expensive than a activate tool by up to $150! or access to someone that has one for the particlular sensors you buy.

    In summary, if you buy a new set of sensors and a cheap activation tool, there is no need to clone the sensor id#s, just do the relearn using the tool when you change to your summer/winter wheels.

    Hope that helps with your question.
  3. winburne24

    winburne24 New Member

    Could you provide me with any information on what the activation tool is?
  4. IanF

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    There are many activation tools out there. It tells the sensor to turn on and communicate with the vehicle. Some will also read the sensor info, ID#, Tire pressure, temp. and battery life status. Search for ATEQ or Orange TPMS tools on amazon or or their own sites to get an idea. The reason that you let air out of the tire during the relearn is to activate the sensor through activity as it wakes up the sensor from sleep state which saves the battery life of the sensor. There are some very good articles out there on quite a few sites. The Orange activation tool is made by ATEQ I believe, they have many different models available depending on what you are trying to do. Having the tool just allows you to not have to let air out to activate. Look at the ATEQ VT15 or ATEQ VT30 for exmple of what they do. For an indepth look at what programmable sensors do, go to Orange Elctronics US TPMS site for details.
  5. winburne24

    winburne24 New Member

    Let me know if I am reading this wrong but couldn't I just install the orange sensors in my aftermarket rims and go through the relearn process each time without buying the $200 ATEQ tool for reset, etc.? The relearn process being holding the lock unlock on my keys then deflating the tires until the horn sounds? I think what I am asking ma ybe what you were saying but I just want to clarify. I don't want to buy an unneeded tool if the process is something as simple as taking the time to go through a few simple steps. Thanks for all your help
  6. IanF

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    It is a simple as you state, but, some of the tools are only $50 and the senors don't have to be the ones from Orange but the cheapest you can find. Just follow the directions in your manual correctly and you should have good luck. A couple quick bursts of air out of each valve in order should be enough to trigger the sensor. Some peolple were having issues following the instructions and the 2007 trucks had a programming bug I believe in the BCM. The tools are usful for more than your truck. I use mine on a variety of vehicles.

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