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    About a couple of days ago i was driving on the highway my tpms light went off, thanks to my DIC i was able to see that it was the RR tire. But when i pulled over to check the tire, the tire was fine it was holding pressure. Then i went to go check my DIC again, and the sensor was not even showing up. my truck is a 08 with 17k on it. has this happened to anyone else before? Cause i think it is messed up and i dont want to have to spend $100 bucks on a new sensor. I am taking it into Chevy tomorrow and have them take a look at it and give me the verdict.
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    If for any reason the tire was repaired or rebalanced, it must be recalibrated, or the TPMS will not register a correct pressure.

    Or if you managed to tag a good size pothole, it could have knock it senseless...
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    There is a procedure for re-calibrating your TPMS sensors by using your DIC buttons and letting air out of each tire in a certain order (LF, RF, RR, LR). I had a problem with mine on the way home from the dealership. Ran through the procedure and haven't had a problem since!

    Good luck!
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    I have also had this problem when I first purchased my truck, it would consistently not recognize one of them and would not show a pressure. Just take it to the dealer and they will use a handheld device to recalibrate the sensors. It takes them all of about 5 minutes to do the actual procedure.(I work at a Chevrolet Dealership and have seen them do it)

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