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  1. alabamaxrebel

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    Has anybody with a lifted new body chevy 1500 had to get their Stability Control Sensors "zeroed out"? When I make extreamly slow turn, say going through and intersection, my ABS kicks in for no reason. I will be applying the gas and the ABS goes wild. I talk to a lift shop about it and they said they have only seen a handful of trucks have the problem, but the dealership doesnt seem to know how to reset the stability control system..... any ideas?
  2. alabamaxrebel

    alabamaxrebel Rockstar 100 Posts

    None of the traction control lights come on at all. I think I'm after resetting the measurements of the actual sensors. Kind of like resetting an electronic scale back to zero.
  3. Slim-pickins

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    I noticed the same thing with my truck after my lift. Any tight corner with any dip at all and my truck would flash the stabilitrak light at me and apply the brakes. I thought I had a rub for the longest time before researching the Stabilitrak system. The truck senses too much lean and starts to "correct" itself. All I do is turn off the Stabilitrak every time I get in the truck upon start-up. I just press and hold the button for about 5 seconds...first it turns off Traction control and keep holding the button down until it says it turns-off the Stabilitrak.
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    I would pick up the phone and talk to the guys over at Rancho. Right on their website it says that they are compatible with stabilitrack equipped trucks.

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