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  1. Farmerdave

    Farmerdave Rockstar 100 Posts

    I am thinking about buying one. Anyone have some advice as in which year is better than another things to look for common problems. I have been searching and see that some 06s had oiling problems and people where blowing motors but since then it seems like their hasn't been much. Any comment appreciated.
  2. ZSI52

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    I've read that the transmissions aren't that great. I'm not sure what messes up on them though.
  3. vncj96

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    I would be VERY cautious as to whom you buy it from, just look up Trailblazer SS on youtube and you will see what I mean, there are lots of vidoes of four wheel burnouts. As for the tranny I can only imagine the problems come from stomping the living sh*t out of it all the time.
  4. Farmerdave

    Farmerdave Rockstar 100 Posts

    Kind of what I figured too I mean if I had that car with 400 hp I would probably beat on it alittle too. I feel the same way I am going to not only look at the car but also the owner lol if its some young little dick weed then i probably wont buy it.
  5. BigRobSA

    BigRobSA Member

    They're a LOT of fun.

    The "oiling issue" is for ALL years of the TBSS. The problem is the #6 piston/rod bearing being deprived of oil at launch. That's what I lost a couple years ago in my 2007.

    The transmissions are junk, but then you can get one built up to handle more power, but in the long run it's a 5k lb beast with a trans made for a 3200lb F-body.

    I got rid of mine a couple months ago because I was bored with it. 550+hp is/was fun in an AWD. And, AWD burnouts are fun, but I did it ONLY a couple times at the track when some numbnuts watered my lane down more than I could drive around in the water box.

    Here's to memories:


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