Trailblazer may be discontinued

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    Chevrolet TrailBlazer may be discontinued by 2010

    Autos – America is addicted to oil, you know. Oil prices go up without stopping and more buyers exchange their bulky gas-guzzling SUVs for more practical, although less sexy, family sedans and crossovers. That's why General Motors is struggling, shrugging off unsuccessful sport utility vehicles
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    Wikipedia says

    The next generation TrailBlazer was to be built on an upgraded version of the current GMT360 platform called the GMT361. It was scheduled to be launched in spring 2007, but in January 2006, GM decided to just refresh the current platform and call the vehicle a GMT360NG.

    However, in June 2006, GM announced that the GMT360NG program was also canceled due to the large investment. GM has recently decided to extend the current TrailBlazer until at least the 2009 model year. If a new TrailBlazer is released, it will be a modified version of the SUV currently on sale.

    Responding to criticism of rebadging, GM will only build the TrailBlazer and GMC Envoy in the future. Buick will instead get the Enclave, a GM Lambda platform-based crossover SUV to replace the Rainier, while Saab will replace the 9-7X with the Theta-based 9-4X.

    General Motors is expected to introduce a new crossover SUV based off the new pavement-oriented Lambda chassis. Because of this, the TrailBlazer is expected to be refreshed in a manner similar in size and price to the Nissan Xterra, creating a niche off-road vehicle that will slot under the Tahoe in price range. It is likely to retain the GMT360 platform and continue production at its Moraine, Ohio assembly facility.
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    Is it only my impression but it seems like GM is the scape goat of complaints for practices that everyone else does.

    Ford is forever rebadging. The Explorer, Mountaineer and Navajo(discontinued) ; the Ranger and B Series trucks; the cougar, thunderbird, and continental from the late 90's. Just to name a few.
    Why does it bother people so much? Do they just need a reason to B*tch about it?
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    Re:Chevrolet TrailBlazer may be discontinued by 2010

    A Trailblazer is hardly a gas guzzler. I Had a 96 Impala SS a couple of years ago, now that was a gas guzzler. I'm pretty happy with mileage I'm getting so far. Gas is around mid 70's per litre near Toronto.
    Our new Ford full sized eco vans at my work are nasty on gas (small V8)
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    To further this thread I think this engine and platform are really working well for GM. People seem to really like them (including myself) It would be a real shame to not see this continued in some fashion. Other than the obvious body changes they like to do every few years.

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