TrailBlazer Missing And Reduced Engine Power

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Moughal, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Moughal

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    I have this problem. I am very worried about it so id like some of you to help me out over here. The thing is that today like everyday i was driving fast at this road. Everyday i stop at the middle and then accelerate my car to check the 0-100 timings. Well today i did the samething but when i accelerated suddenly my car slowed down and there were engine check lights on and the other engine light with the arrow pointing downwards. I couldnt rev higher than 2 so i stopped my car at the side. i turned off the engine and after5 mins again started it. The engine with arrow light went off but the check engine light was still there. it even went off after 10 mins but now my car feels very slow. like down on power. Please tell me what caused this. I am very worried about my sweetheart.
  2. Greg84

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    Its hard to say without knowing what codes are stored in the vehicle's computer. Do you have access to an OBD-II scanner?
  3. Moughal

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    Nope. Dont have access to any scanner. Why do you recommend??

    Should i give the car to the local dealership for a checkup? Maybe they could find out the issue.??
  4. Moughal

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    Bump.. Anyone.?? :(
  5. nickpatton_189

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    just try taking it to autozone and get them to check your codes if the light is still on then go from there

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