Trailblazer Trans Problems

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by The Blaze, Aug 16, 2007.

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    The 4L60E and 4L80E transmissions are true 4-spd. transmissions with the added feature of a locking torque converter. If the command to shift is shown on the scanner as a shift, and the trans doesn't shift, the trans is done. Go rebuilt only.
  2. The Blaze

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    Trans fixed

    :sign0016:Hey Guys,
    Chevy dealer said that this problem was an internal problem. It was nothing that I could prevent. It was a part that was defective inside. The dealers have a bulletin on this problem!!!!! We called GM and without admitting GUILT they offered to PAY to have it fixed MINUS $500. We got it back today. They said to keep receipt so if it happened again that the other dealer would know to fix it. So pass this on to anyone that it may help.:great:
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    Amen! Thanks to the GM guys for doing right by you.

    What's your year/make/model again? What was the TSB that they pulled? How many miles, just for record.
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    Steve brought up a great point!! When the problem is taken care of, please post the fix. This will add to the database and makes it easier for the next guy!!
    Blaze, I'm glad they took care of the problem, and thank you for posting the fix!!:great:
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    My wife has an 04' 2x4 and we had the trans rebuilt. Lucky for us it was still under because the trans dip stick was getting water poored into it from the wipers area. Forgive my ignorince for not knowing the proper term. But if it would rain and she took a turn to the left water would just poor into the dip stick. My dealer said it was a recall and GM would pay for the fix. Not sure if this could be your prob but something to look into! Just my two cents

  6. The Blaze

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    Info update

    :sign0016: My truck is an '04 Chevy Trailblazer LS. I was not told of the bulletin memo #. jk5blazer made an interesting statement. I checked the trans fluid when the truck broke down. The trans dip stick had "rusted off" the handle. I was afraid to put it back in in fear of losing it down the tube. I checked after the fix and another was replaced. I can try to see if dealer will give me the bulletin #.

    I do have another question. Does anyone know if an LS is prewired for fog lights and compass mirror?:rules:
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    This issue happened to me yesterday. I have an '01 2X4 Suburban with 76K miles. I drive it hard, and I tend to do a lot of passing at highway speeds with hard downshifts, so I'm sure it's from abuse. I also had to have my u-joints done last month after parking on a very steep incline with no e-brake (although they were pretty worn before that).

    Anyone have any idea what a rebuild will cost and whether it would be better to get it done at the dealer or a trans shop?
  8. joker23

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    Rebuilt trans cost me 1800. Was informed by the shop owner that this is a very common issue with '97 to '03 GM 4L60E transmissions...the sun gear shell (?) either cracks or breaks into multiple pieces. Replacing it requires a complete rebuild and GM has no plans for a recall. Supposedly it was replaced with a better quality product after '03.

    Here is just one of the many write-ups I've seen on this particular topic.

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