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    I've got a 99 Chevy K1500 z71 with the factory towing package. I'm going to be pulling an 18 ft car hauler with a old muscle car on it weighing approx. 4000 lbs. The trailer has electric brakes on two of the wheels but I don't have a controller to put in my truck. Can anyone tell me what's involved with buying and installing one in my truck? Is there an existing connector already under the dash that I plug into or is it more involved? What should I be looking for in a controller? I do not want to buy an expensive one. I'd like to get off as cheap as possible and wouldn't mind a used one if it would work with what I have already.
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    Hello there. I know on the 98 models that there was no "plug and play" option for a break controller. I had to tap the break light wire under the dash and run it to the controller. There is also a power wire involved along with the ground and you would have to run another wire out of the cab and to the rear to your trailer connector on the truck. I've done this 2 times on these types of trucks. It's not really hard, just time consuming. You can refer to a repair manual to find the wire from the break switch to the lights. And I used an old controller that was given to me from a friend. Works just fine. No need for an expensive one. Hope this helps a bit at least. And best of luck with your ventures.

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