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Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by RED Z71, Aug 25, 2012.

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    From what I can find the 05 Colorado does not have a harness for the brake controller and has to be hard wired. I have pretty much decided on a proportional controller over a time delayed one. If anyone has any feedback on this I would be very intrested to hear it. I have found several diffrent controllers on line and from what I can tell any of them should work but when I plug in my truck and year modal in the search box it narrows down the selection to just a few. Since the controller has to be hard wired I think any of the controllers will work but I am not sure. If anyone can help me out with this I would appreciate it.
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    You will, indeed, need to hard wire the controller as the Colorado apparently has no receptacle for use in adding a brake controller (unlike Yukons, Sierras, and Silverados).

    I just went through controller research pain and ended up buying a Tekonsha P3, as it was the best all around value for the money (IMHO). I strongly considered a MaxBrake ( as it uses pressure measurements from the master cylinder, but it's expensive and overkill for my relatively light towing needs. (If I were towing a 30' trailer or boat on a regular basis I might have gone with the MaxBrake despite how farking ugly it is...) I wouldn't bother with a multi-axis controller unless you have to mount it at some funky angle...
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    I don't know the manufacturer, but the name of the one i had installed is "Prodigy" and both the place that installed it and my trailer place said it is a preferred brake controller for electric brakes. It is simple to operate and pretty much does all the work for you. Not much fiddling at all to use it.
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    The Prodigy is a line of controllers made by Tekonsha. The Prodigy P3 and P2 are the current models in the line. The chief differences between them are that the P2 can be mounted at any angle within a 360 degree rotation while the P3 must be mounted such that it is level ... and the P3 has 5 storable setting options so you can easily switch between settings for multiple trailers, or the same trailer with different loads, or preferences for different drivers (you get the idea).

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