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    Have an '04 Yukon 1500. Had receiver hitch and assumed had the trailering package. Bought an electric brake controller and during install noticed that an old harness was tucked under the console. Since I had bought a new harness with the controller, installed it. The lights all work correctly but there is no power to the controller from the C7 fuse block. Checked the top right terminal (red wire) while pressing on the brake pedal and nothing. Was reading in a downloaded wiring diagram that the wire from Stud #2 may not be factory installed. Anyone familiar with this?

    I've also got an '04 GMC Sierra 2500 Duramax that does have power to this terminal in the C7 block - the red wire going to the brake controller.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    When installing my brake controller I ran into the same issue. The following link had explanation and photos that allowed me to complete my installation: I'd expect yours to be similar if not identical...

    Note: I had to buy the 30amp pink JCASE fuse, as mine didn't come with one. If you have to buy one know that it's longer of the two types, not the shorter. (That info may sae you a trip!)
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    Very Nice! The link really makes the install clean, especially with the Pics being able to be blown up...

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