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Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by Cableguy, May 9, 2007.

  1. 03 SIERRA

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    i work at a trailer shop and ive seen it a couple diff ways. i havent done it on an 09 but on a 99-06 you have to pull the under hood fuse block apart and there are 2 eyelits haning around in there and 2 empy studs on the block. one brake controller and another 12v put 2 and 2 together add fuses if necessary and vwalw. hope this helps
  2. Crockett

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    Trailer Plug Problem

    I have the same problem with my trailer plug on my 2004 Sierra 1500
    No R/H Signal, No Aux Power.Truck lights all work fine.
    Seems like a common problem.
    Anyone got any ideas ?
  3. shadowt_t

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    thanx for the diagrams
  4. murdog94

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    Check the fuses that power your trailer wiring.. I have had the same problem on a few of my trucks and since there are up to 4 fuses powering your trailer something to look at.
  5. Crockett

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    Thanks For the reply Murdog94
    I have checked the fuses in the main Fuse Block before posting and everything looked ok.
    I was thinking maybe a loose connector somewhere along the harness but i havent managed to find it yet. It looks good at the rear of the trailer jack. I think i am going to have to find a wiring diagram to troubleshoot it further. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  6. murdog94

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    Ok not trying to beat this one up i know that in some trucks that there are two fuse blocks and that there are fuses in each block.. and if you have a loose harness id check right in back where the wiring actually connects together to allow for the trailer harnes first...
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    Wow, such a shame that people LINKED to photos for this thread instead of uploading or attaching photos to GMTC where they can stay forever. Great thread.
  8. bbissonn

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    great diagram - does this diagram work with all brake controlers.
    I have a prodigy electronic brake controler and have just purchased a new 2012 gmc sierra denali and can't seem to find the wires under the dash or a wiring schematic. The tech from the dealer is on vacation and nobody has a clue where to look. I assume the wires are taped up under the dash and I will keep looking. Do the wire colors match up for the prodigy brake controler. TGhe colors for the prodigy are black= +12 volts, red= stop light, blue =trailer brakes, and white = ground. As soon as I find the wires under hte dash I hope the colors match up. Any guidance would be helpful Bdog
  9. jake's silverado

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    Send me a PM with your e-mail address and I can send you a pdf file that may help you. I tried to post it here but it is to large. I also have it as a powerpoint that shows the wire location under the dash and under the hood. It is for a 2007 NBS but I don't think much has changed for this.
  10. bbissonn

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    trailer brakes

    Thanks Jake,

    My email is bbissonn[MENTION=31637]gma[/MENTION] Hope you can help.


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