Trailer wiring socket, already in harness.

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by bob s, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. bob s

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    I would like to know? just how this socket[end of wiring harness backend] How does this square plastic plug come out? Then do i just push the trailer, socket back into the bumper hole? What holds this socket into the square hole?

    Fraid i'm not to good explaining what i mean.Iwant the trailer socket, with the finned cap, in the bumper instead of the square spare tire lock piece. does anyone get my idea?? :confused: Or am i trying something that isn't meant to work this way.
  2. wis bang

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    Newest body style has a plastic plug area to the left of the license plate...

    The plastic cover on the right is how you crank the spare tire down...

    My '05 just has the tire mechanism on the right, My trailer plug now is under the bumper...when I get a receiver [worktruck that came without one] I'll mount it on there...
  3. bob s

    bob s Member

    wisbang.So i will find a socket holder for the harness. Mine is just like yours [07]. i was thinking that the harness socket went into the hole on the right.Glad you filled me in. There is a key slot in that square plastic plug though.I had to cut my spare tire with a torch.I never did like the idea of my wife tryin to climb unde theback of the truck.should she have too.
  4. wis bang

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    You also need the plug, the plug on your harness plugs into the back of a 7-way plug...mine is by Pollack...GM & Ford use the same one, I went to a camper dealer for mine, cost $12.75

    Check out their web-site they have a video on mounting a plug in the NBS bumper where they pop out the blank from GM and twist in their covered plug...they also sell a metal holder you can hang from your bumper...

    I just used a 1/2' wide zip tie to hold mine under the bumper. I bumper tow a light bass boat.

    The receiver is on my 'when I go back to work' list.

    You want your wife to be able to use the spare tire winch to safely lower the spare, you can't just crawl under and lower it.
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